Meet Our Partners!

Kendi's Cows partners with missionaries in the field by providing them with the funds for livestock, feed, enclosures, and to help Kendi's Cows fulfill our mission of creating sustainable ways of life through livelihood projects.   Below are some of the Kendi's Cows partners, what is provided, and an estimated cost for each.   If you have more questions, please feel free to contact Kendi or Make a Donation!


(Rural India Christian Mission)

Kendi's Cows partners with Rural India Christian Mission to not only provide cows but to help EK and his family share and spread the love and hope of Christ to children and families in India.

Here is the estimated cost:

- Cow ~$600.00 (varies based on market and age of cow)


(Medical Missions of India)

Kendi's Cows partners with Medical Missions of India to provide cows.  The milk from these cows allows children with HIV/AIDS to take and properly digest their medication. Here is the estimated cost:

- Cow - ~$900.00 (varies based on market and age of cow)

Kendi's Cows partners with Hope 2 Liberia in various ways. Kendi's Cows currently has students enrolled in agriculture/livestock school in Liberia.  After graduation, these students will become agriculture teachers in the new facility being built by Kendi's Cows. 

Here are some estimated costs:

- Semester of School - $1,200

- Cost of Ag. Facility - ~$15,000

- Goats - ~$40.00

- Chickens - ~$4.00

- Cows - ~$500.00


In the Philippines, Kendi's Cows provided chickens and goats as well as providing materials to build the enclosures for the livestock.  Through these projects Kendi's Cows also helped provide food and milk for many street children.   Kendi's Cows also sent students to agriculture/livestock schooling. 

Kendi's Cows provides chickens and chicken farms to our partner in Haiti.  The recipients of these chickens and farms receive poultry training and the Gospel message through HCO. Here are the estimated costs:

- Chickens (Laying Hen) - $5.00

- Chicken Farm (Small) - $250.00

- Chicken Farm (Large) - $750.00


Kendi's Cows partners with missionaries in Lesotho to provide cows for impoverished families to help create a sustainable way of life.  This will allow them to teach, train, and raise their children, so they too can have a better way of life.


Kendi's Cows provided chickens and goats as well as materials for the enclosures for the chickens and goats for Kingsley and the F.A.M.E. Mission House.