Our Story

The issues of the world in need aren’t little ones.  Economists, politicians, entire governments have trouble just getting started when trying to help those who need it.  The problem with them, they aren’t nine year old Kendall Grace.

How Kendi’s Cows came about was actually quite simple.  Kendall’s father attended the Catalyst conference in Atlanta, where he heard the story of a young girl who’s dying wish was to raise money for Charity: Water, an organization aimed at digging wells in underdeveloped nations.  When he came home, he told this story to his daughter.

The wheels in Kendall’s head were already turning.  When Christmas got near she told her parents that all she wanted was money; money to help people who couldn’t make a life for themselves.  Money to buy…. cows.

Kendall says that she dreamed it, and we believe her.  How else did this seven year old come to understand that sending cows to small villages gave them something renewable, something with which they could build trade, food, and an economy?  How she gets the concept is amazing, but now… how to get the cows?

Kendall isn’t shy, especially when she knows in her heart what she is doing is for a good cause.  From her Sunday school class, to her grandparents small group, to whole churches; Kendall began to start asking for the money she would need to fulfill the dream. Along the way the operation grew.  Instead of just cows, the focus expanded to chickens headed to Haiti, and chickens and goats to Philippines.  Now Kendi's Cows has partners in India, Haiti, Ghana, Liberia, and more.  The ball is rolling, and Kendall is pushing.

Kendi’s Cows is still really at its beginning.  With support from people who understand the intention and fire of the cause, this big dream from a little girl is saving lives.  Kendall puts it simply, “people need cows.” We think people need Kendall, and she needs your help.

Kendi’s Cows is an organization that helps people by providing them with the tools to help themselves. For us that means well… cows.  Pretty out-of-the box thinking, we know, but it came from where the best ideas do: the imagination of a nine year old, Kendall Grace Kemerly.

The thing to remember is this isn’t about cows; it’s about people.  One cow, provided by donors like yourself, could provide a community or family with a means to create a better life. Milk, meat, the ability to pull a plow, all of these resources work together to provide the food and money that they need: food to feed their children; money to send them to school.  A cow means a future for a family somewhere in the world.

This need is everywhere, in overwhelming abundance.  Cows won’t always be the best option.  We have grown to include goats, chickens, and hogs as well.  Kendi's Cows also helps send kids to school, so they can be educated and use that knowledge to help their communities.  All of which increase the standard of living for a family, a community, for good people with a need.

We can’t make this happen on our own, though Kendall would if she could.  It is the mission of Kendi’s Cows to place these animals where they can be used to make a difference.  In truth, it is our job to make the vision of a nine year old come true.  Out of that vision will come a sustainable life and a brighter world.

Buy a Cow, Save a Life, Send a Kid to School.  Thanks, from Kendi’s Cows.